“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

– Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein understood the brilliance of reading fairy tales aloud to children. He believed that Fairy tales could pave the way towards intelligence and intellectual growth.

Einstein believed creativity and the development of the imagination to be the most essential elements of intellectual development. He claimed that the equipment of the true scientist was a fully developed imagination. As such, Einstein thought that reading fairy tales aloud to children was the fastest way to develop a child’s intellect by way of the imagination.

I’m thinking Einstein was onto..something!!

There is a lot of research that backs the basic Fairy tale as a great source of learning and development for your children.

Here are 8 reasons fairy tales will make your kids brilliant:

💜 Fairy Tales teach morals and help children discover right from wrong.
💜 Fairy Tales give adults a chance to introduce critical thinking skills
💜They build vocabulary and introduce children to culturally rich language.
💜Fairy Tales build imagination.
💜 While bad things happen in fairy tales, most provide the ideal that in the end good will win.
💜Fairy Tales introduce big emotions in a safe environment.
💜 Fairy Tales provide an entire story structure (plot, setting, characters, inciting events, climax, and resolution) in a relatively short story.
💜 Fairy Tales are Engaging

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What fairy tale brings YOU back to your childhood?